Thursday, 3 August 2017


Well I invited comments and I'm pleased to say I had several: sadly, though, all anonymous. Two said Caspian Gull, three said 2CY Lesser Black-backed, so I'm happy to go with that.

This, however, raises an interesting question: why give your opinion if you're not prepared to endorse it with your name? Surely saying 'It's definitely a LBB' suggests a certain confidence in one's own abilities, so why fail to demonstrate the courage of one's convictions by remaining anonymous?

Just for fun: which (if any) of the birds below are Caspians?!


easternbushchat said...

Hi David, I am certainly no expert, but the last pic looks more Caspian to my untrained eye. And I'm Barry by the way��

David said...

Hi Barry!
As a matter of interest: three of the four (including the one you picked out!) are on various authoritative blogs / websites as Caspians!
I reckon the Lesser BB is obviously different, but - as I said - I find the whole group a little confusing!